Danced the night away

The moon was not present today neither were the stars. “Maybe they took the night off.” She padded on her bare feet under the pouring open sky. No spotlight , no gazing eyes, no awake soul in sight. Letting the rain drops envelope her as she danced, drinking in the ecstasy of being free. Besotted, She twirled around catapulting all her musings somewhere beyond the horizon. Somewhere she could not and would not go to for now. She had let the rain overwhelm all her sensations. All she could hear was the pitter pattering, all she could feel was the tinglings as the rain touched her bare skin as she danced the night away.

~~~Tanushree Dowarah

Dear lost souls

Dear lost souls ,
You’ve been through so much
Seen so much pain
I wish i could soak it all for you
Just how a thirsty land drinks up the rain.
I know its been hard
There’s been times when dying seemed too tempting
When you thought that a light slice
Just on the right vein can let out
All the pain your skin has been holding .
But bare with me
Grit your teeth until you can tasteΒ  blood
Or shout and let go of all the pent up anger
But bare with me
You have yourself to prove wrong.
You have things to do.



‘Twas nearing the end of summer. the gentle breeze cooled MY perspiring body as we sat under that tree. Stealing serenity and time from that shrine. But as long as I was there nothing seemed to matter. The silence wasn’t unnerving for me instead it felt calm. Though i felt its end nearing I chose to sit there relishing those moments. Little did i know that those memories could haunt me in the depts of a night Years later. Stealing my sleep instead.